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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Jabaris “JKelly” Walker was born and raised in the great city of Rocky Mount, North

Carolina. There, his parents took pride in instilling in him the priceless principles, morals and values that would shape him into the leader, hard worker and game changer that he is today.


Growing up, JKelly was a natural visionary. He observed his surroundings of inadequate

youth resources, scared economic development, and the need for extended public safety, and

envisioned a place of hope and upward mobility. With this in mind, Jabaris enlisted in the United States Army, where he served eight years as a logistics and operation specialist. 

There, he conducted inventory, coordinated motor pool safety and supervised, trained and certified personnel. He also served a 12 month deployment in Afghanistan, where he received the Army Achievement Award and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal for his hard work and dedication.


Taking the knowledge and experience from the military, Jabaris knew that returning

home would be different. He knew that change and action needed to be done, and being a voice for the voiceless would become his life’s mission. With this ambition, JKelly enrolled in Nash Community College and received his Associate of Arts degree. He later continued his education at North Carolina Wesleyan College, where he received his Bachelor of Administration degree.


Striving towards his vision and life’s mission, Jabaris became deeply involved with his

hometown, Rocky Mount. He founded Project Diamond in Rough, a nonprofit that focuses on mentoring youth and creating a positive future for them. Jabaris has also organized annual neighborhood clean ups, and police reform events to help bridge together the community and police officers. Through Diamond in the Rough, he has partnered with the Brain Goodwin Foundation for annual Baseball Clinic for youth throughout North Carolina. He has also partnered with WeFit Leadership Academy, which encourages young boys to be successful men.


JKelly has always been present for those in his community. From speaking and

motivating students, being a guest panelist at city functions, to coaching Rocky Mount High

School’s Junior Varsity basketball team. He knows that it takes much more than words, it takes action! Jabaris is present for his community through his business Tip Top Cleaning Service, which he created to inspire others to go after what they believe in.

Jabaris “JKelly” Walker is a leader, a hard worker and a game changer. His vision for

hope, upward mobility, and his life’s mission to be a voice for the voiceless is his priority for the city of Rocky Mount. He knows that with forward thinking and civic involvement, “Together it’s Possible”.


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