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"I come from a family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. One thing that I've learned is that each act of service, no matter the size, deserves your full dedication and commitment. I believe the citizens of Rocky Mount deserve fair paying jobs, resources for youth and a community that is safe. As your candidate for City Council, I know what it takes to find solutions and navigate through difficult challenges to make things happen."

Vote Your Councilman Next Door - Jabaris "JKelly" Walker 
Public Safety

Public safety will always be a top priority for citizens; however, we must understand that we cannot police our way out of every problem. For this purpose, I plan to create a crime reduction strategy that focuses on bettering the communities of Rocky Mount. This plan will include statistics and data from current and previous years, a police advisory board, and a mental health resource agent. This team along with other community leaders will help educate citizens on how to be alert, watchful and active within their neighborhoods. I also plan to partner with Edgecombe and Nash County Public Schools, Edgecombe and Nash County Courts and Judicial System, and local non-profit organizations to establish a youth intervention program that will provide life skills, positive reinforcement and a safe place for social interaction.

Economic Development

We must support our small businesses in our community with resources so that they continue to be successful. The small businesses, companies and major franchises in our area need a direct pipeline to a work-ready labor force. With the

collaboration of NC Works and local hiring agencies, we can achieve this. I would like to create a city job registry that will allow companies to work with the city to fill vacancies with local citizens. I also plan to create a partnership with

Edgecombe, Nash Community College and North Carolina Wesleyan College to help train citizens to qualify for fair paying jobs. This partnership will also include investments into our citizens with soft skill training and working with resources.

Youth Resources

Tomorrow’s leaders are represented in our youth. That is why we must encourage and provide them with proper resources. The city of Rocky Mount has minimal access to activities and locations for youth to be engaged outside of school. I believe that engaging our youth will help lower crime while uncovering other challenges that may need to be addressed in our community’s households. I plan to ensure that our youth have access to mental health, life mentorship, gang prevention, and substance abuse programs in their schools and communities.

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